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IdEmployerUnionArbitratorIssueDate of Decision
2000031Dominion StoresRWCOakley, J.Assignment of Jobs2000/05/26
2000032Daybreak Parent Child Centre AssociationCUPEOakley, J.Promotion2000/05/26
2000033Churchill Falls(Labrador) Corporation Ltd.IBEWAlcock, D.Vacation Travel Assistance2000/05/31
2000034Churchill Falls(Labrador) Corporation Ltd.IBEWAlcock, D.Temporary Assignment/Estoppel2000/06/08
2000035Memorial University of NewfoundlandNAPEKelsey, P.Promotion2000/06/14
2000036The Newfoundland and Labrador Health Care AssociationNAPEBrowne, D.Job Posting2000/06/16
2000037Abitibi Consolidated Stephenville DivisionCEPUScott, J.Contracting Out2000/06/16
2000038Royal Newfoundland ConstabularyRNCAAlcock, D.Assignment of Work2000/07/16
2000039The TelegramGCIUScott, J.Bargaining Unit Work2000/07/18
2000040Iron Ore Company of CanadaUSWAAlcock, D.Bargaining Unit Work2000/07/22
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